Instructions on how to Bet Tennis (Part 2)

For matches that occur in 3 innings, that match ends when winning 2 or more innings (at least 2 innings or more), and for matches that take place in 5 innings, that match ends when If winning from 3 innings (at least 3 races or more) all bets (Handicap, Overdog, Money Line, Odd) will be considered as “Valid”. If a player is disqualified or gives up leading to a failure to complete the match then all bets will be considered void, in addition to parlay bets will be based on the “1” odds to count.

When a player wins (set 1, set 2, set 3 …) after the match ends, then the bet (set 1, set 2, set 3 …) will be considered as “Valid bet”.

In all tennis matches if the situation is changed, all bets will be considered “Valid”.

When the match counts according to the number of games played in the case of a tie result that the handicap is offered as a ball, the top and bottom markets will have no winning or losing. Over Under bets will be based on the Handicap market as the standard (Example 1: A 46 loss means that the handicap is 46.5 points, when winning 46 points, bet on Big will lose, bet on Small will win. Example 2: markets 46- 50, when winning 46 points, Big bets will lose 50%, Small bets will win 50%).

Grand Slam Tennis Tournament (Australia, France, England) Davis Cup, Fed Cup for men will play 5 wins 3 wins, and for women play 3 wins 2 wins, in the deciding match not apply rules to win 7 games, a player with more than 2 games is required to win; Men’s tennis tournament in the Men’s Open will play 5 rounds 3 wins, 5 rounds all apply the rules of 7 games, women play 3 rounds 2 wins, 3 rounds all apply the rules to win 7 games.

Davis Cup rules

In the world group and the regional group divided into level 1 and level 2, when the two countries play against each other, they will play 4 single matches with 1 double match, there are 5 matches duel (1st day conducted 2 single matches, 2nd day conducted 1 double match, 3rd day conducted 2 single matches), just need to win 3 stages then the national that participant must win, 5 matches must be completed, in the case of 5 matches but the time limit for winning is not over, the remaining matches will be played in accordance with the regulation of 3 wins 2, general results.

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