Huntr Premium

Level up your job search



  • Track up to 40 jobs
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited notes
  • Chrome extension



All free features plus:
  • Track unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Upload 25 documents
  • Full timeline view
  • Metrics view

Premium Features

Unlimited job tracking

Tracking more than 40 jobs? Our paid plans offer unlimited job tracking.

Add unlimited contacts

Use Huntr to track all your professional contacts, from interviewers to important professional connections.

Full timeline view

View a full timeline of all your job search activities from application to offer accepted.

Track progress with metrics

View a timeline of how many job opportunities you’ve moved to each stage. Track the number of applications, interviews and offers over time. Discover the stages where you’re losing opportunities.

Document uploads

Upload your resumes, cover letters and any other job search documents you need. Then link them to jobs, activities and more.